What is Noodle Nudges?

Do you ever feel enthusiastic about playing a new game, then feel deflated when you have to decipher a 4 page instruction leaflet?  Deflate no more, with noodle nudges.

Noodle Nudges is a simple activity designed to stimulate conversation, aid memory recall, improve knowledge, and above all to have fun with.


How Do I Play Noodle Nudges?

Simply place the Question cards and Answer cards with words facing up on a table or flat surface in no particular order.

Take turns in matching the last word to the proverb.

Keep Score or Simply Play for Fun!

Check the correct answer by turning the cards over. Numbers on the back will correspond with the question card.

Some will have more than one number as an answer may be used more than once.

Who, When & Where?

Noodle Nudges can be enjoyed in a variety of environments, for example:

Family setting

all ages can play.  A great way for the more mature generation to interact and communicate with the younger ones.  And impart their knowledge!

Care setting

as an ice-breaker, pastime and easy conversation starter, between residents, staff and families.

Schools and Colleges

a game that can be used to support literacy lessons, and learn the meanings of proverbs.

Field of Teams

Do you like to watch men in shorts kicking balls about hither and yon? Where on earth do they do this? Can you match these UK football teams to the stadium/ground they play in?

Nudge That Noodle

£12.99 including post and packing

Product-Box-wordy wise

Wordy Wise

Do you feel discombobulated when in the company of wordy swots? Then feast your eyes on this plethora of strange words. Educate yourself and match the word to the meaning.

Nudge That Noodle

£12.99 including post and packing



Do you know what Proverbs are? Have a look. Let’s keep them alive and well. Match the last word to the Proverb. Simple.

Nudge That Noodle

£12.99 including post and packing

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Now also available from the Alzheimer’s Society Online Store!

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